What is The America I Know?

The America I Know is a documentary currently in the making. As a born and raised Canadian who grew up within an hour of the border, I have a soft spot in my heart for both the American people and the land itself. America is so diverse and beautiful, and full of some of the most incredible, wonderful kind hearted people that I am so blessed to have met. To this end, I’m setting out on an ambitious adventure to make a documentary to show the world what it has forgotten.
On April 19, I set off on a trip to drive the perimeter of the United States. I departed from lil ol Brantford, Ontario, and started this journey in New England, with my first day drive to Vermont. I then set off all throughout New England, to get to the north east corner of the USA in Maine, then heading to Florida to California to Washington, at which point I will then drive all across the northern states; a journey which will take updates of four months in the United States. As this is a solo road trip I have embarked on, I’ve been and will continue to be relying entirely on the kindness and generosity of Americans – that is The America I Know. Loving, generous, kind hearted and welcoming. From the big cities to the small towns to everything unexpected and in between, I’m so excited to meet and share with the world the best of America.

On this journey, I am entirely utilizing Couchsurfing for accommodations and anything else my only possessions are what I brought with me in my car.

The GoFundMe funds I have been raising and will be continuing to raise while in the USA will be spent towards actual documentary costs, such as video editing, splicing, voice over editing, etc. Click here if you would like to donate to my GoFundMe page!

If you would like to donate to my journey in any other way, be it accommodations, tours, a tank of gas as I pass through your town, anything, please feel free to reach out to me!

Where Will I Be Going?

So where all will I be going you ask? Here is the tentative itinerary! It’s fairly fluid and will be updated while I’m on the road… but it’s a start!

  • April 19-20: Montpelier, Vermont - done
  • April 21-22: Portland, Maine - done
  • April 23: Derry, New Hampshire - done
  • April 24: Concord, New Hampshire - done
  • April 25: Boston, Massachusetts - done
  • April 26: Providence, Rhode Island - done
  • April 27-29: Uncasville, Connecticut - done
  • April 29-30: NYC, New York - done
  • May 1: New Jersey - done
  • May 2: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - done
  • May 3: Wilmington, Delaware - done
  • May 4: Baltimore, Maryland - done
  • May 5: Washington, DC - done
  • May 6-7: Richmond, Virginia - done
  • May 8: Fayatteville, North Carolina - done
  • May 11-12: Charleston, South Carolina - done
  • May 13-19: Savannah, Georgia - done
  • May 19-21: Atlanta, Georgia - done
  • May 22: Chattanooga, Tennessee  - done
  • May 23: Birmingham, Alabama  - done
  • May 24-25: Jackson, Mississippi  - done
  • May 26-27: New Orleans, Louisiana  - done
  • May 28-39: Houston, Texas  - done
  • May 30: Austin, Texas   - done
  • June 1-3: Dallas, Texas  - done
  • June 4: Waco, Texas
  • June 5-9: New York, New York (for work)
  • June 10: Dallas, Texas
  • June 11-12: Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico
  • June 13-14: Phoenix, Arizona
  • June 15-20: Beaumont/Los Angeles, California
  • June 21-22: National Park TBD, California
  • June 23: Big Basin Redwoods State Park, California
  • June 24-26: San Francisco, California
  • June 27: TBD, Cali/Oregon
  • June 28-30: Portland, Oregon
  • July 1-2: Spokane, Washington
  • July 3-4: TBD, Wyoming
  • July 5-6: Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
  • July 7-8: Standing Rock, South Dakota
  • July 9-11: Bismarck, North Dakota
  • July 12: TBD, North Dakota
  • July 13-15: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • July16-18: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • July 19-20: Chicago, Illinois
  • July 21-23: Indianaopolis, Indiana
  • July 24-25: Cincinatti, Ohio
  • July 26-28: Cleveland, Ohio