What is The America I Know?

The America I Know is a documentary currently in the making.

On April 18, I set off to drive the perimeter of the United States to make a documentary showcasing the kindness of the every-day American. “As a Canadian, why would you do that?” I’ve been asked many times along the way. The short answer to that is put some positivity back into the world. Right now, Americans are being painted on the world stage as awful people. But when you are actually here, on the ground, you realize that isn’t the case. In a world that is so full of negative news, I always set out to remind people of the good, in whatever way I can.

I departed Toronto and drove to Maine to Georgia to California to Washington, then all across the northern states back to Toronto. This is a solo, 4-month road trip I am on, made entirely possible by my savings, my little Hyundai Elantra, and the generosity of Americans I meet along the way.  From the big cities to the small towns to everything unexpected and in between, I’m so excited to meet and share with the world the best of America.

On my journey, I have been relying entirely on couchsurfing, social media and in person interactions to find a place to stay each  night. Anything I didn’t pack in my car when I leave and can’t find along the way, I just go without. The funds I am raising along the way will be spent strictly towards actual documentary costs, such as video editing, splicing, voice over editing, etc. And of course, all funds will be fully itemized for accountability.

Where Have I Been/Where Will I Be Going?

This journey so far has taken me to the follow places:

April 19-20: Montpelier, Vermont – done
April 21-22: Portland, Maine – done
April 23: Derry, New Hampshire – done
April 24: Concord, New Hampshire – done
April 25: Boston, Massachusetts – done
April 26: Providence, Rhode Island – done
April 27-29: Uncasville, Connecticut – done
April 29-30: NYC, New York – done
May 1: New Jersey – done
May 2: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – done
May 3: Wilmington, Delaware – done
May 4: Baltimore, Maryland – done
May 5: Washington, DC – done
May 6-7: Richmond, Virginia – done
May 8: Fayatteville, North Carolina – done
May 11-12: Charleston, South Carolina – done
May 13-19: Savannah, Georgia – done
May 19-21: Atlanta, Georgia – done
May 22: Chattanooga, Tennessee – done
May 23: Birmingham, Alabama – done
May 24-25: Jackson, Mississippi – done
May 26-27: New Orleans, Louisiana – done
May 28-39: Houston, Texas – done
May 30: Austin, Texas – done
June 1-3: Dallas, Texas – done
June 4: Waco, Texas – done
June 5-9: New York, New York (for work) – done
June 10-11: Frisco, Texas – done
June 12-13: Oklahoma City, Oklahome – done
June 14: Roswell, New Mexico – done
June 15: Tucson, Arizona  – done
June 16-18: Beaumont, California – done
June 19-20: Los Angeles, California (for work) – done
June 21-July 18: Beaumont, California – done
July 19-20: Eugene, Oregon – done
July 21: Portland, Oregon – done
July 22: Spokane, Washington – done
July 23: Helena, Montana – done
July 24: Billings, Montana – done
July 25: Gillette, Wyoming – done
July 26: Rapid City, South Dakota
July 27: Pierre, South Dakota
July 28: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
July 29: Omaha, Nebraska
July 30: Des Moines, Iowa
July 31-August1: Minneapolis, Minnesota
August 2-3: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
August 4-5: Chicago, Illinois
August 6: Indianopolis, Indiana
August 7-8: Cleveland Ohio

*break at home*

August 18-21: Kentucky

*break at home*

September 2: Uncasville, Connecticut
September 3-10: New Rochelle, New York
September 10-13: Providence, Rhode Island
September 14-17: Boston, Massachussetts
September 18-21: Maine
September 22-24: New Hampshire
September 25-26: Vermont
*home, post-production begins*

How Can You Help?

I have a GoFundMe page set up, strictly to assist with the post-production of the documentary, items such as video editing, splicing, voice over editing, etc. Click here if you would like to donate to my GoFundMe page!

Every single donation helps, even if just $5/$10! And remember, those are Canadian funds! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!