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I may not having fallen in love with Cairo, but my god the pyramids really are incredible, it is not just hype. The sheer magnitude of how large they actually are is almost hard to fathom even after having been there. Myself and three friends rode camels out to the pyramids and Sphinx spending a full day in Giza, scorching under the desert sun.
Can you see me in this photo? It might take a minute, look rreeaallllyy close.
Let me zoom a little closer just in case you couldn't find me!
It was a bit sad to be honest. The politician situation and the resulting unrest in Egypt meant we had the pyramids all to ourselves. Seriously. We didn't wait until people weren't in our photos - there were no other people. We spent a day at the pyramids having them completely to ourselves, it was madness. I thought our guides were being mischievous by letting us literally climb the pyramids, so when the police showed up, my heart stopped a little. But rather than chastise us, they encouraged us to climb higher. It was madness! For Egypt's sake, I really hope the country gets its shit together. The pyramids really are a world wonder, but with no tourists, they will decay into a further state of disrepair for future generations.