The locals here call Florianopolis ‘magic island’ and it is not hard to understand why. Beauty surrounds you everywhere you look, whether it’s out to the ocean, to the mountains, or to the country side. It’s a beauty I am breathing in with every moment I am here, sensing that in five, ten years from now, the island will have become so developed that much of this natural beauty will be filled with condo buildings and businesses.

It’s an interesting dichotomy. On one hand I want to tell everyone it is a place they absolutely need to experience before this mass development takes place. On the other hand, doing so would contribute to a quicker pace of development. It’s like I want to keep this magical little island all to myself, yet here I am posting about it for the world to see. The hyocrisy of it all hurts my brain.


We arrived from Sao Paulo after taking a twelve hour overnight bus and jumped right into our day. And by this I mean, we headed straight to one of the fifty stunning beaches the island has to offer. The atmosphere was just perfect; the music I could hear playing at restaurants just off the beach, the sound of the waves, all of it just overwhelmed my senses with the feeling of ‘this is what I was dreaming of’. Now I am hardly a beach bum; in fact, I usually prefer doing something active as opposed to laying there. But in this moment, it was just that feeling that takes over you and says ‘every decision I have made to get here was the right one’.


That evening, Preeya and I went to a rugby game, cheering on our couchsurfing hosts team, then out to a club to celebrate afterwards. While everyone knows I am more of a pub person than a club person, I had a great evening as we were absolutely spoiled. We had VIP at the club and free bottle service, both of which were arranged by the team. To say we entered Florianopolis in style would be an understatement.


The following days have been spent in true island style. I can now say “I enjoy long walks on the beach” without being facetious about it! Long walks on the beach, cappuccinos in quaint little cafes, everything that makes for a calm heart and a happy soul. I soon head to Rio and know this calm will be taken over with adventure and excitement, making this current feeling that much more precious. Until Rio, loves.



2 thoughts on “The Magic Island of Florianopolis”

  1. Kacy says:

    Very cool! I’m spending 5 months in Brazil and Floripa has been high on my lists, but locals keep advising me to go to other spots. Maybe they’re trying to keep it secret as well ;)

    1. This Blonde Abroad says:

      Definitely check out Floripa! I can already say my trip wouldn~t be the same if I hadn~t gone :)

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