Traveling to the same place twice is an interesting phenomenon for me; it’s not something I do often and it’s not a decision I make lightly. I have a hard time justifying spending money to go to a place I’ve already experienced and I miss the rush of being somewhere new. I’ve only done it with three other places: Vegas, which was with different people for a different reason each time,  Dublin, where my family is from, and California, where my best friend moved to. But when one of your favourite people, who lives in England, reaches out and says they’re going to be in New York for 10 days and would I be willing to join them, how could I say no? The biggest part of traveling (for me) is the people you spend your time with, so it was an easy yes. Add on to that it’s a free place to stay, with free meals and site seeing… that makes it a no brainer.

I just spent my first day here wandering the streets, taking in the sites. While Times Square is a bit anticlimactic if you’ve already been to it, it’s still beautiful nonetheless. The lights, the shows, the shops… it’s an iconic place that so many cities around the world try to mimic but can’t quite pull off. What struck me this time around, which I didn’t get to experience before, was the side streets. Broadway was lined with European feeling Christmas Market stalls and rows upon rows of Christmas trees. I’m finally starting to feel that Christmas feeling in my heart, which over takes me everywhere, but amidst the crazy 2015 I’ve had seemed to have been delayed. I’m so looking forward to heading down to Rockefeller Centre to see the tree and all of the oversized decorations throughout the city.



I will say the weirdest part about coming to New York is the irrational amount of fear people have about traveling these days. The amount of people who said ‘Please be safe’ to me for this trip is very confusing. I’ve backpacked through India alone, I traveled South East Asia alone, but for some reason, people are scared of me spending a long weekend in NYC. Weird. Pull it together people, I’ve got this. Xoxo.