So whilst in Thailand, I met two awesome women. You know the kind of people that sometimes when you meet someone you think ‘wow, you are my kind of people!’ That was these ladies. They’re my kind of people. They’re so awesome that the three of us have now found our own club. It involves adult colouring, friendly chatting and all around actually fairly innocent debauchery. We’re a badass club, clearly. And while one of us lives in New Zealand (dammit Rose!), the other lives in Michigan. A place that aint so far from Ontario. So while Jess was home for a quick holiday layover before heading back to Burma to continue her world-bettering endeavours, we decided to get together half way between Brantford and Kalamazoo, which as it turns out, is in Detroit.


As a smug Canadian traveler, I’ve of course become accustomed to many an American stereotype and happily bought into them, as any good Canadian must. Add in that I was going to Detroit of all places, and bam, stereotype explosions were happening all over!

Imagine my shock when I crossed the border after a brief time spent in secondary screening, because apparently “I’m meeting a friend I met in Thailand and will be back tomorrow” sounds questionable, and experience something I was never expecting. For two countries who brag about having the worlds longest unprotected border… imagine my surprise when nothing was different, except perhaps the road quality.

I got to go out to a cute little hipster area of Detroit, then a little mini bar hop in Ferndale, before heading in for a night of girlie chick flicks (not really – we watched a documentary on North Korea, but that doesn’t sound as sexy now, does it?) What I saw and experienced in Michigan shocked me; it was as if I was still in the obviously wonderful land of Canada. People held doors open for me, people said excuse me, people said sorry if I bumped into them, people let me go first, people were just all around bloody awesome. As someone who likes to razz my American neighbours, I was suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to give love when love is due. Murica… you aint so bad sometimes!

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